August 15, 2022
By: Jerry Miller

5 Tips for Dating a Rancher

Let’s face it: Going on a date in the country is a lot different than catching up with someone in the big city. If you’re in a rural area, and you prefer a country boy to a businessman, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want the date to go smoothly. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can land the rancher of your dreams and get ready to move to the farm.

Here are five tips for dating ranchers and farmers:

1. Farming is a Big Priority

If you want to be in a relationship with a rancher, you have to remember that they already have a first love: The farm. In most cases, ranch duties will be at the top of the priority list, so make sure you’re willing to roll with the punches. Farming is a lifestyle and doesn’t take a backseat!

2. Things Might Get Dirty, But They Clean Up Well

Dating a rancher can get messy - with so much time spent tending the farm and caring for animals, it’s bound to be dirty. But don’t let that deter you from going on a date with a rancher - in most cases, they clean up very well after getting dirty. Give them a chance to impress you!

3. Plan Dates Around the Weather

You may be impressed by how well your favorite rancher understands the weather, but that’s because he has a job to do! Sunshine and partly cloudy skies might seem like the perfect conditions for a summertime date, but this might be prime time for your rancher to get stuff done around the property. Make sure you’re ready and willing to work with each other's schedules to plan a date.

4. Make a Dish With Their Crops 

If you really want to impress the rancher in your life, ask him to share some of his crops so you can make dinner or dessert for the two of you. This is a simple way to impress him and use naturally grown ingredients for a meal. Plus, working together this early on in the relationship can be beneficial to your romantic future.

5. Get on

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