April 29, 2023
By: Jerry Miller

Christian Pick Up Lines: Clever and Faithful Flirting

“They” say the best place to find a wife or husband is at church, right? What happens when all the single girls at your church are white headed and widowed and you are 43 years old? You have to look elsewhere, of course! (Unless that’s what you’re into. You do you, buddy. No judgment here.)  If you do happen to catch a good Christian girl out in the wild, you can’t just say any old thing to get her attention, they have different standards. 

You can’t even just bring your A-Game, you gotta bring your Alpha and Omega Game. (ha! Get it?) 


I’ve compiled a list of the best pick up lines that might work on a Christian girl. 




  1. Girl, I give thanks to our Maker. He turned the water into wine and you into fine. 

  2. Call me Joshua. I’m going to keep walking around until your walls fall down.

  3. I read something this morning that made me think of me and you. Proverbs 31 and 32.

  4. You make me want to take you home and introduce you to your future Naomi 

  5. Is your name Simon Peter? The fisher of men? Cause that smile is definitely reeling me in

  6. If you’re looking for your knight in shining armor, just this morning I put on the full armor of God.

  7. I searched through the entire book of Numbers, but I couldn’t seem to find yours.

  8. Christ may be the Bread of Life, but baby you are the butter.

  9. I just realized why Soloman had so many wives. He never met you!

  10. If you were to kiss this cheek, I'd definitely turn the other. 

  11. Hi! I think we have a mutual friend. His name is Jesus. He said we should meet.

  12. Were your ancestors Egyptian? Because your eyes are making me your slave.

  13. I can tell by looking that you were one of the seeds that sprouted from good soil. 

  14. I couldn’t help but notice that Jesus has called you. Mind if I do the same?

And last but not least 

15. You remind me of my favorite Bible verse. I can’t forget you. You stay on my mind.  

Obviously I’m just playing around. You can, in fact, just say “hi” to a Christian girl just like you would a non-believer. BUT if you are the type of funny guy that can nail these lines and she’s the type of girl to be amused by them, y’all might just be a match made in Heaven!

Now, get out there and find your missing rib, boys! 

Until next time…

Love y’all and good luck,

Kelly Ann