Interracial Dating: Finding Singles in the United States and Canada

Do you feel like the only person with your ethnic background in your small town? Or maybe you feel like the country just isn’t the place to find someone who gets you. 

We’ve heard this many times. Interracial dating is HARD!

At FarmersOnly, our goal is to change how today’s singles view dating — we want to make it fun, exciting, and inclusive.

Our platform takes the pressure off meeting new people while giving singles the choices they feel have been lacking. Ready to learn more? Keep reading.

Why Is Interracial Dating So Hard? 

As North America continues to diversify, interracial dating is becoming more commonplace. But that doesn’t mean it’s without its challenges — especially in rural areas and small towns.

Many of these areas are dominated by European Americans with visibly Caucasian skin, so if you’re of Hispanic, African, or Asian descent, you might feel as though you stand out in your small community.

This can make it difficult to put yourself out there. You wonder, “Is there anyone in your area that’s interested in interracial dating?”

We promise you, there is.

What Is FarmersOnly Doing for the Interracial Dating Scene?

At FarmersOnly, we are dedicated to connecting singles of all racial backgrounds through our innovative online dating platform.

Just because you live in a small town or farming community, doesn’t mean you can’t find love.

On our website, you can browse singles of all ethnicities in your area. Send a flirt or start an online conversation to get to know local singles better before meeting in person.

Don’t waste another Saturday night at the local dive bar or on a terrible blind date set up by your well-intentioned auntie. With FarmersOnly, singles can date outside of their racial background from the comfort of their home.

Our website allows singles to broaden their search to people from all backgrounds so you never have to feel “stuck” with a limited dating pool. 

See Our Interracial Dating Success Stories

FarmersOnly may not seem like your first choice for interracial dating, but our success stories speak for themselves.

Couples from all ethnic backgrounds have found dates with FarmersOnly because we have a large database of singles just waiting to meet their match.

We are responsible for thousands of dates across North America. Whether love seemed like an impossibility or they were newly single, our clients love the FarmersOnly dating experience. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Interracial Dating

If you’re ready to start your interracial dating journey with FarmersOnly, here’s how you can get started: 

  1. Register for your free account with FarmersOnly: After registering with FarmersOnly, you can browse our huge database of singles before you select the dating package that works for you. 

  2. Create your profile: This is the fun part! This is where you want to shine. Your profile is the first glimpse of the real you that a potential match gets to see, so be honest and share the best parts of you. Choose a profile picture that does your personality justice.

  3. It’s time to start browsing local singles: Once your profile is finished, you can start checking out singles in your area. Log in to FarmersOnly and search away!

  4. Send a flirt or begin conversing: With FarmersOnly, you don’t have to start talking right away. First, send a flirt to see if there’s any interest. Or, you can dive right in and say hello. It’s totally up to you!

  5. Learn more about your potential love match: You’ve established that initial connection and now it’s time to find out if you should take it a step further. Our members sometimes spend weeks, even months, getting to know each other online before speaking or meeting in person. Or they may feel confident to meet right away. You have complete control.

  6. Have your first conversation: Chatting online can be really fun, but there comes a time when you want to pick up the phone or schedule a video chat and say hello in person. This is your opportunity to get even more familiar with each other.

  7. It’s date time: You’ve spent copious hours chatting online and on the phone and now you’re sure you want to meet. You can keep it simple and meet over coffee and pie, or you can do something that is of interest to you both, like attending a swap meet or window shopping in town. 

For singles, online dating has never been easier. Register for your free membership and start browsing singles in your community today.

Interracial Dating FAQs

What Is the Best Interracial Dating Site?

FarmersOnly specializes in connecting people from all backgrounds who share traditional values but may be finding it difficult to meet singles with the same ethnicity.

Our singles appreciate our easy-to-use platform. From creating your profile to sending flirts and connecting in our chat rooms, FarmersOnly makes it fun and easy to date online.

But most importantly, we have thousands of like-minded singles already online and waiting to meet their match. Our diversified database of singles makes it easy to meet and get to know people in your area.

What Are Some Issues Faced by Interracial Singles in Rural Areas?

In rural and country communities, it may be harder to “date outside of your race”. This is mainly due to a higher concentration of European Americans in these areas.

However, FarmersOnly caters to folks of all backgrounds living in rural areas. Rural living can be isolating, especially for visible minorities, but FarmersOnly aims to make it far more accessible.

We provide a unique platform based on traditional country values to help farmers, ranchers, and small-town folks of any background find potential matches.

Our platform allows singles to meet, chat, and get to know each other online before ever having to meet in person. 

What Percentage of Couples Is Interracial?

If you’re at your local market you may look around and notice that most couples are not interracial. But that doesn’t mean they’re not out there! 

In the United States, it’s becoming more commonplace to see couples from different races dating and marrying. Even in rural and country areas.

As of right now, nearly 20% of marriages are interracial and nearly all Americans approve of interracial marriage. 

Suddenly you have more options than you could have thought possible!

Interracial Dating Is Easier Than Ever With FarmersOnly

If you’ve tried interracial dating sites but are also seeking someone with traditional values rooted in a rural lifestyle — or connected to ag, farming, ranching, and being country — is the place for you.

The ease with which you may find someone with shared values — a love of the open plains, the latest methods of organic fertilization, or perhaps a strong belief in animal welfare — increases when you consider the thousands of potentially like-minded members on our site who are looking for love.

Simply register and start browsing. It doesn’t get easier than that.