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Do I Have to Be a Farmer in New York To Find Love Using FarmersOnly?

FarmersOnly isn’t just for farmers. Our site consists of people from all walks of life, such as: 

We are dedicated to matching individuals who have similar goals, values, and life interests. 

But, dating is complicated, even in the country. This is why so many individuals are turning to dating sites in New York to find love. Not only is it easier, but it also comes with its perks.

We’ve spoken with thousands of singles just like you who love how much easier it is to connect with people through dating sites in New York. The pressure of meeting in bars or on blind dates is just not that appealing anymore. 

Whether you’re... 

...then the best dating sites in New York, like FarmersOnly, give singles like you the opportunity to peruse through member profiles to find a possible match.

The Benefits of Online Dating in New York

Dating sites in New York, such as FarmersOnly, are a popular meeting spot for singles all over the state. It’s become the preferred method for many singles, simply because there are so many benefits, including:

  1. Choice: As soon as you log into FarmersOnly you’ll immediately know you’ve come to the right place. As one of the best dating sites in New York, we have compiled a database of thousands of singles who are looking for love, just like you. The great thing about online dating is that you never have to speak to another member unless you want to. You have 100% of the control.

  2. Better Matches: Dating online in New York is tricky, and finding a match is like a needle in a haystack. But, with FarmersOnly algorithms, we’ve made easy work of it. We’ll immediately point you toward singles with similar interests, values, and life goals, and what’s more, we’ll make sure they live in your area.

  3. Honest Interactions: In our experience, most online singles present themselves more honestly on paper than in person. Why? Because it’s easier to be truthful when you’re not staring into the face of potential judgment. No one online is aware of who doesn’t like their profile, they’re only notified when someone does — and that feels good. 

  4. Safety First: Let’s face it, the risks of meeting in bars or going on blind dates just don’t seem worth it. But, by meeting your potential match online, you’re able to get to know them on a personal level before you ever have to meet in person. Most men and all women will check out their online love interest on social media prior to getting too involved. Online dating lets you cancel a date if there are any warning signs — no questions asked.

  5. Save Money: No one likes spending their money on endless dates that never seem to lead anywhere. It’s expensive and it’s exhausting. When you meet singles online, you’re essentially dating for free until you decide to meet face to face. And even then, it doesn’t have to be a Michelin-Star restaurant, a simple coffee will do.

How to Online Date in New York

With so many dating sites in New York, how do you know which one to choose? 

Simple. FarmersOnly is the only free online dating in New York dedicated to singles living outside of the city. If that’s you, then you’re in the right place.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Set up your free account with FarmersOnly: Register with FarmersOnly and start browsing right away. Once you’re sure you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can select one of our premium online dating packages.

  2. Create the perfect profile: This is where you want to be as honest and true about who you are as you can. Find an awesome picture that best represents who you are and write a detailed bio about what makes you tick. 

  3. Start browsing singles in your area: Now you can begin your search. Take some time to browse through some of your potential matches to find that spark. 

  4. Send a flirt or start a conversation: Think you found who you’re looking for? Send a flirt! Or, if you’re feeling extra confident, then why not start a conversation?

  5. Get to know your potential love match: Once you’ve made an initial connection it’s time to get to know your potential match a bit better. Take the time to message online and share a little about yourselves before committing to anything more.

  6. It’s time for a real conversation: If the sparks are there, you should definitely know by now. It’s exciting to talk to someone via phone or video chat for the first time, so have fun with it. Be yourself and take your time to let your personality show. 

  7. Go on a date: This is usually the butterflies in the stomach part for most of our members. Meeting in person for the first time is usually pretty amazing. Take the pressure off and schedule something simple for your first date, like a game of mini-putt or a walk in the park. If you’re not ready to say goodbye at the end, chances are you’ll be setting up a second date. Have fun!

For singles living in New York, online dating has never been more fun. Register today for your free FarmersOnly membership and start browsing New York singles near you.