July 31, 2011
By: Jerry Miller

'Nice Jersey cows' hint at a lifelong match

Judy Charter and Jeff Moody led parallel lives. Judy, 28, grew up on a dairy farm in Romulus, N.Y. Jeff, 31, also grew up on a dairy farm, in Hamden, N.Y., about 130 miles away. Judy moved to Genoa, N.Y., in 2005. Jeff had been working in Genoa a year earlier, but returned back to his family farm. Judy knew Jeff's sister at college.Their paths finally crossed in 2009 through FarmersOnly.com, the leading online dating site for single farmers, ranchers and others with down-to-earth values and who cherish a rural lifestyle."My sister told me about FarmersOnly.com and Jeff's sister told him about the site. The name appealed to both of us," Judy says. They were each looking for someone who loved farming. They both lived in small towns with few people to date.Judy had tried online dating on another site, completing a long questionnaire in order to find a match. It turned up one person and Judy knew immediately that the person wasn't right for her. She started viewing profiles on FarmersOnly.com and, within a week, met Jeff online."He came from a farming background and had some nice Jersey cows in his photo," laughs Judy. She sent the first email."I could sense her honesty in that first message. I could tell she wasn't pretending to be something she wasn't," says Jeff. They exchanged emails and soon began talking on the phone. They had lots in common - dairy farming, 4-H, showing cattle and more. They both knew what it was like to work long hours and not leave until the job was done right.Their first date was on May 15, 2009. Jeff drove the 100 miles to Genoa to take Judy to dinner."The restaurant was packed. It took two hours to get our food, but we never lagged in conversation," says Judy."It was definitely not just an ordinary date. I kept smiling the whole night," says Jeff. Jeff returned home, but it wasn't long before he had to see Judy again. Two days later, he drew the 100 miles again to take her out for ice cream.The two dated by long distance for a few months. He would come up to Genoa or she would drive to his family farm. They went to county fairs and tractor pulls, and fell more and more in love.Within four months of their first date, Jeff moved to Genoa. Judy jokes that they had a few things to work out."He had a dog and I had a cat. I drive a Ford and he drives a Chevy. I like green tractors and he likes red.Now, the cat and dog are best friends and both the Ford and Chevy stay in the shed."They became engaged in August, 2010, bought 33 acres together and built a house."It was great to find land. It's a nice place just for us," Judy says.They married on July 30, 2011 on the front porch of their new home. The couple drove away to their reception on a green John Deere tractor - with a red Farmall sign.Best wishes to the newlyweds from FarmersOnly.com