May 22, 2013
By: Jerry Miller

Artie & Elizabeth

Artie & ElizabethFrom: ColoradoDear,

We began emailing back in August (2012) as our conversations got deeper we exchanged phone numbers and began talking almost daily for hours. It wasn't before long (late September) that I got a plane ticket to Colorado and some friends of mine picked me up at the airport. We then met him for dinner in downtown Denver. That weekend was awesome! I then made another trip out there again in late October...Christmas was going to cost to much for either one of us to get another ticket. In March Artie finally made it to Alabama.

Now, I have resigned from my job as a teacher in the great state of Alabama! I am heading out West on June 5th to start building a deeper relationship with my FarmersOnly man! My family was completely against this when I started this extravaganza in September, now after meeting him and asking questions that one would like to not answer on the first interview, they are completely supportive of my choice and my move. -Elizabeth & Artie

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Just to let you know Artie and I got engaged on April 14!!! We are getting hitched sometime in the next few months!!

Shout out Farmers Only!!