June 26, 2013
By: Jerry Miller

Daniel & Chelsea

Daniel & ChelseaUsernames:manitobagirl84 &saskcattlemanFrom:SaskatchewanMarried: September 2013Dear FarmersOnly.com,

My profile name was manitobagirl84, his was saskcattleman. I thought he was handsome, and closer to home than some of the others. I emailed him then

thought he must not have been interested. Eventually he had a few minutes in between haying and we got talking. We met after a few weeks and the rest is history. He's definitely the farm boy of my dreams, and he loves having a girl that'll run tractor, clean corrals and love him til the cows come home!

We started chatting through your site in August 2012, and are getting married September 2013!!

Thank you FarmersOnly!

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