August 12, 2013
By: Jerry Miller

My Own Success Story

It seems only right that I start off my time blogging here at FarmersOnly with my own success story. I have so enjoyed reading everyone's and I always love sharing my own!

My name is Morgan and my husband and I met on FarmersOnly back in the summer of 2008. We have been married nearly 4 years and have one beautiful little girl. Our life is full of love, laughter, and lots of farm work. But, we wouldn't have it any other way.

Family time spent feeding the cows in the early Spring.

A friend of mine actually introduced me to FarmersOnly and I decided one day to check it out.The site actually offered three free days of service at the time. I decided to check it out for free, but there was no way I was going to pay for a dating website. (My husband on the other hand fell for the $15.95 a month hook, line, and sinker)If you knew me personally you would know how outgoing, loud, and super talkative I am. I had to be the last person who needed a dating website. I was insistent I didn't need it.But really, what did I have to lose?I actually met a few "farm" boys on the website. I have become great friends with an Ag teacher in Iowa, and of course my wonderful husband!My husband and I spoke via email and texting for just over a month before we had our first phone call.The first time I met him in person it was on the exit ramp up the road from our house.We had about 5 minutes together before he took me to his parents' house to shower.I then spent the next 2 hours meeting his brothers, their wives, their children, and his other friends and neighbors.It wasn't really supposed to work like that. We had hoped to have a few hours together before I met practically every person he knew. But, thanks to Iowa traffic and a tire that blew on me in Minnesota, that didn't happen.I spent the next week following him around on the farm (Just because I was there didn't mean he stopped being a farmer!), a few days with his sister in laws, and then finally a really hard goodbye.

Not too soon after that we decided that we were head over heels in love.I transferred from Purdue University to South Dakota State University, finished my degree in Agricultural Education, and married the man of my dreams.

People always ask me how I met my husband, or how I ended up in South Dakota. I really have enjoyed telling the story and love that people get a kick out of the beginning to the rest of our lives.

I owe FarmersOnly so much for introducing me to my husband and I tell everyone that is looking for that special someone that FarmersOnly is a great place to start!