September 23, 2013
By: Jerry Miller

Wedding Planning With Your Farmer

Now that you have selected the PERFECT time of year for your wedding, you now have to look at all the planning that goes into it.And, you definitely want to make sure your wedding is "farmer friendly" too. Keep in mind that you may have selected the perfect time of year for your wedding, however, the months before the wedding may be a busy season.

If you remember, my farmer and I were engaged in July and married in November. That means that we had just about 3ish months to plan. And most of that was going to be smack in the middle of Harvest.

Once my husband and I selected the location, the details were left up to me.

I would have been just fine with a big BBQ thrown at our shop, but my husband wanted a nice supper and a wedding dance to remember.

I wasn't too picky on decorations or colors, but my husband had the idea of using the kids' tractors as part of the centerpieces and I loved it. I added in some various glass vases, some Fall foliage and it fit us perfectly.

I have a really beautiful sapphire engagement ring, passed down from my mother. But, when I chose the ring I would wear everyday I chose a unique band with diamonds. No sense in wearing a 3 carat diamond around on the farm everyday.

Instead of sand we poured two types of corn

We were married in the church we now attend on Sundays.

I was pretty easy going about what dresses my bridesmaids chose. Half of them switched to their boots by the end of the evening. All of our men in the wedding party wore black wranglers. And I may have climbed our combine ladder in my very white dress.

Don't be afraid to pull details from the life you are going to have with your farmer. My husband enjoyed hearing the details and adding his own thoughts here and there from the seat of the tractor.

Planning a wedding is so much fun, but I think it's even more fun when you are marrying a farmer!