October 5, 2013
By: Jerry Miller

Flexibility Is My Middle Name...

And if you have plans of marrying a farmer, it definitely needs to be yours too!Sometimes, farming isn't always fun. Sometimes it's muddy, rainy, and complicated.Tonight, is one of those times.It has been raining off and on for a few days now. This morning my husband asked me to make him a doctor's appointment later in the day because he hasn't been feeling well.I immediately got excited. If his appointment is at 4:15, then we can have supper afterwards and spend some quality time together.This kept me going all day long. I even got the chance to take a long, hot, uninterrupted shower. Do you know how rare it is for that to happen when you are a farm wife and a mommy? Maybe not, but I promise you it is rare, especially during harvest.Not only did I get my long, hot shower...I also got to blow dry my hair, put on make up, and paint my fingernails. Now that my friends, NEVER happens during harvest. Ever.I was just debating on an outfit when I got the call.The call that changed my plans.My husband."The rain has let up for a bit, can you come get in the grain cart?"Never mind that I look amazing. My hair is finally laying correctly for the first time in weeks. My make up is perfect and I was actually thinking about putting on heels.I calmly start to change into farm clothes. Grab a pony tail holder and start gathering my things. I then wake up our daughter from her cozy nap with promises to ride in the semi with Daddy.I head up to the farm and for the next 5 hours we combine corn in the rain. And we discuss quitting various times over the radio and then the rain lets up and we decide to keep going. This happens again and again and again.It's also my week to cook on the farm. And I don't have anything ready to go, because I thought I had the night off.We finally call it quits at 8 PM as the lightening is getting pretty fierce and the rain is finally starting to come down.I drive the grain cart back to the yard, grab our daughter from the semi, get her home, tickle her until she giggles, put on her warm jammies and lay her down for bed.

I just sat down to write out this blog post and it has stopped raining. And I just had a missed call from my husband.

What do you want to bet we are thinking about combining some more corn?

Soybean Harvest 2013. A beautiful day to be in the fields!