October 24, 2013
By: Jerry Miller

Putting Your Relationship First

We are done! All of our crops have been brought in and are either sold, in grain bins, or bunkers tarped and ready to feed this winter.

Now, we are a bit out of the norm. I am pretty sure that the last statistic I saw on Friday was that only 40% of the corn was combined across the Midwest. But, my guys, they don't like to mess around.

We work long days and even longer nights. But, finally we have reached the light at the end of the tunnel.

Typically, harvest for us ends around the end of October and I have been planning for months about what our first after harvest date is.

However, now with our 18 month old running around all the time I haven't thought too much about it.

I believe that when you are married it's super important to always put your relationship first.

Even before farming. Except maybe during planting, calving, haying, and harvest.

Let's be real, putting your relationship first when you are married to a farmer is tough.

But, no worries- there are still plenty of opportunities to put your relationship first, even during the busy seasons!

It may mean working out differences while sitting in a tractor, working cattle, or sorting pigs.

Even when you have kids I think this is super important, your marriage and relationship should always come first. Plus, it is such a good example to your children to show that their parents love one another and truly care about the bond they have as husband and wife.

Here are some tips to always keeping your relationship first when dating a farmer.

Plan dates every week, month, or every 6 weeks.Having a set day for dates really helps. Now, we are a bit flexible on this one. We don't stick to the exact day, but we try to aim for at least once a month spending time alone together just the two of us.

Plan exciting dates.I think trying to do new things is always great. My farmer, not so much. To us, in our small town, a new movie is pretty exciting! Whether it's talking the entire night or simply sitting in silence and enjoying one another.

If it's your one date night a month, do not go to a sports bar.I can not stand it when a TV is present at wherever we are eating. I got dressed up, brushed my hair, have on heels...I want the attention on me, not the baseball game.  Farmers spend a lot of time in the tractor and my farmer listens to a lot of sporting events so getting the chance to actually see one on TV is a real treat, which I get, but I also want that undivided attention.

Head to a Farm Show.Make a day of it. My hubby and I just spend the day at a farm show towards the end of the summer. We walked and walked and walked. And we also talked. And then we ended the evening at a decent restaurant simply sitting in silence enjoying each other.

Any other ideas on how you can put your relationship first with your farmer?