November 2, 2013
By: Jerry Miller

Marrying My Farmer

When I married my farmer, some things had to change. I couldn't just run off to town real quick for what I needed to make supper, or even to run to town to pick out the perfect outfit for a special event. Tanning and getting my nails done are now a thing of the past. My favorite make-up counter is not even existent in the state of South Dakota.

And while I miss those things and enjoy when I do get the chance to be a "city girl" again, I wouldn't trade my muck boots, pony tails, or coveralls for anything.

I wouldn't say as I married my farmer that my hobbies have changed, but I definitely feel more confident and more credible now, than ever before.

I spent my childhood being involved in 4-H and FFA. When it came time for me to go to college I knew I wanted to teach, but wasn't sure what. When I made my decision it felt right. I chose to major in Agricultural Education because as an educator I would always be learning- because the Ag industry is always changing and evolving. And that was something I wanted to be a part of.

Through out college I was active in various groups promoting the Ag Industry. I participated in debates and forums. Even sitting on a committee in the Indiana State Department of Agriculture on improving education in rural Indiana. I was President of my 4-H groups, sat on various community boards, and actively an advocate for the importance of Agricultural Education.

So, marrying my farmer didn't chance my interests. It just strengthened them. Instead of just talking or teaching about farming, now I can talk about my real life experience with it. When I say that I support GMO's, I can tell you why we use them on our farm and the benefits that I see every day across the industry as a whole.

I spend my spare time doing my hobby. Being an Advocate for the Ag Industry. Something we need more and more of. I spend late nights blogging, replying in comment sections to articles speaking out against the Ag industry, speaking at various events, and when I get the time, traveling to talk about my blog and the benefits of using social media to engage with consumers.

Marrying my farmer didn't change who I was, it only strengthened what I believe in and he has shown me the importance of continuing to put on a face on agriculture.

Make sure that when you marry your farmer you don't fall away from your passions, but make sure you marry him because he makes you a better you.