January 5, 2014
By: Jerry Miller

Finding Someone Who Completes You

If you haven't heard the phrase "you complete me" used once or twice I feel like you must be living without technology..And since you are on this blog I am guessing that is also not likely!

I remember growing up and having high school romances and my friends and I over-using the phrase "he completes me".

If you do a quick google search you will find music, images, poems, magazine articles, and let's not forget the infamous line being use in the movie starring Tom Cruise,Jerry Maguire.

I think once I got into college and really started thinking about where I wanted to be in my future, and more importantly who I wanted to share my future with, my thoughts slowly changed.

When I think of completion I think of a finished product. I think of being whole. I think of Jerry Maquire.

I then think of my marriage. I never want my marriage to be completely finished. I always want to be changing, evolving, growing.

I don't think I want someone to "complete" who I am as a person. I think of "you complete me" as in "I can't live without you because you complete me".

I may not want my husband to complete me. But, I do want him to compliment me. I want us to each have our strengths, our weaknesses, our own talents. And come together to strengthen one another. The yin and yang of life.

However, one could look at it like I was a complete person then I met my husband and now my life feels incomplete without him. Which is somewhat true.

I feel like I will never be complete, I will always be striving to be a better person, a loving wife, a great mother. I will change over time. My passions in life may change, my goals, my priorities. However, my life wouldn't be the same if I wasn't growing, changing, and evolving with my husband together.

I complete myself. And we compliment each other. I want to continue to grow and evolve as a person and I want to continue to grow and evolve in my relationship.

I think this is another favorite part of our marriage, my husband lets me grow and change as I need. And because of that we continue to strengthen our marriage every single day.