January 3, 2014
By: Jerry Miller

The New Year Bliss

It's the start of a new year. In case you missed it, of course!

It seems every time the new year rolls around a whole new feeling is in our home.

The chance to start something fresh, set new goals, changing over files, and a new tax year. I always feel so refreshed at the start of the new year. I often say to myself "This is the year I do...."

Then, a few weeks later the new year bliss is over. I find myself falling back into the same old ways, and those dreams of drinking less coke are way behind me already.

Now, before I married my farmer I was a goal setter. Every single week I would have a list of things I wanted to get accomplished. Listed in their order of importance. And often times color coded.

Well, a farmer's life isn't color coded. So, after a year of being married to one, I found myself listing less and less goals in my coveted Franklin Covey planner. I found myself not planning over two weeks in advance, when I very easily had a month ahead always planned before. I found myself adjusting my life to fit into the farm life schedule.

And I made it work. I still color code, but instead I use a planner that sits on our counter. So my farmer always knows what is going on. And I keep the same planner, in a smaller version in my purse. Instead of listing goals every week in my planner and numbering them off I now use a post-it note system. That I really do love. And amazingly, so does my farmer.

Now that the new year is here. I have our new calendar all set up, highlighted and all, with meetings, birthdays, and travel dates.

I have really been thinking about the whole idea of what "goals" I want to set for the new year. And I have decided this year I won't.

Lots of people set goals like weight loss, eat better, call family more, get organized. Well, I know I need to work out more. I typically do my best to have a well balanced meal. And my husband will agree to that. My policy of at least two vegetables sometimes drives him nuts! And I am the most organized person I know.

I think the pressure of setting new goals at the new year is a bit much. Instead I have decided that setting goals every week by writing them on my post it notes works for me and my family. I am already a goal seeking person naturally, it's just to me about choosing where I want to dedicate my time, where my passions are...

Maybe that's the key. Instead of setting a goal of something I am going to resolve I will not set a goal and continue to seek passion in my everyday life.

Happy New Year, resolutions and all. And if you find yourself slipping I think that's okay. Instead of seeking the goal, instead seek passion and embrace life!