March 25, 2014
By: Jerry Miller

National Ag Day 2014

"365 sunrises...7 billion mouths to feed." This is the tag line for National Ag Day. March 25, 2014 is known as National Ag Day. A day to raise awareness of all that agriculture provides and to recognize and give thanks to those who make it possible.Being a farmer, or rancherisn'tjust an occupation for these folks, it defines who they are...unnoticed heroes.These folkswake up before the sun, work till the sun goes down, feed the cattle before themselves, mend fences in the middle of storms, and after the storm passes they hit their knees and pray for morerain.However, it doesn't stop at the farm, we also have to thank all those field workers who break their backs getting the harvest in on time, the truck drivers who haul our food no matter what the weather conditions are like, to the engineers who work around the clock for new inventive farm equipment, to the silo builders, to the manufactures of our calf pens, down to the guy who is hammering nails in to the fruit crates...Together they make feeding 7 billion people possible. would like to say THANKS to all those who have a hand in putting food on our tables.Here's to making National Ag Day an everyday focus.To read more on what you can do to help raise awareness please visit:[youtube] Keeping American farm families alive one success story at a time.#AgDay2014