April 24, 2014
By: Jerry Miller

Oh, What's In A Label

Recently, it seems that a lot of the conversations I am having with producers and also consumers is all about labels.

Labeling on GMO's specifically. Or Genetically Modified Organisms. Really, it's just a bunch of Biotechnology.

California tried to pass this law last year and it failed miserably. Not because it was a horrible idea, for the simple reason it wasn't well thought out.

Here's the truth.

If we were to label every item that contained GMO's you may be surprised to see that there are quite a bit of products with GMO's used in them. Does that tell you if they are good or bad? No, not necessarily.

Honestly, it might even be more confusing than anything.

Every time a label gets slapped on something it makes for more to read, more to know, more to understand. And if we have to take the time and money to put a label on then something must not be right with the ingredients...right?

I am not opposed to GMO labeling, but here is what youneed to knowto know about GMO's.

However, I am opposed to lack of understanding when it comes to biotechnology and what it entails to actually get a GMO on the market. It takes some serious time and some serious money to get one biotechnology trait approved. And the truth is we have been safely eating foods that have been produced with biotechnology for over three decades

Because of biotechnology American farmers produce 40% of the world's corn on only 20% of the world's harvested acres.

And because of that we have one of the most affordable food supplies in the world. And GMO labeling may cause an increase in price within the food system, depending on what the labeling will entail. And here's a question, if it isn't GMO what else goes into the production? Should that also be on the label?


Remember I am not opposed to GMO labeling. But, I am worried about going to the grocery store and seeing more and more people confused over the vast amount of labels on one package of chicken.

If you have questions about GMOs, ask them. The answers are out there. And I am willing to help you find them and will most likely learn something along the way myself!

I am a part of a pretty diverse industry. There are quite a few options when it comes to growing food. People do things a lot of different ways. Knowledge is valuable and the only thing that will make me happy about the food that I eat is knowing about it, not just sticking a label on it.