April 22, 2014
By: Jerry Miller

Physical Touch

In case you are just tuning in my last two blog posts have been aboutThe Five Love Languages. Since we have had a lot of illness in our house this winter it seems I have spent a lot of time cuddling with our daughter and catching up on my reading. I loveThe Five Love Languagesand I think it's truly the perfect book to help understand your partner just a little bit more.

I have already coveredWords of AffirmationandQuality Time. Today I want to talk about Physical Touch.

Now, let's be real, if you are a man reading this blog post the first thought that probably had to pop into your mind is sex. I am just being honest. For most of you women out there you may have thought about sex for a split second but you are really thinking about cuddling on the couch, sweet embraces, or holding hands as you grocery shop. All of these, including sex, are all considered Physical Touch and if your significant other's love language is Physical Touch they are all areas you should consider strengthening yourself in.

All acts of Physical Touch mean something to the person whose strongest love language is just that. Talking to them and gently touching their arm or lower back is reassuring. A quick kiss before getting into the car is super sweet and will make their heart melt on the spot. Reaching for their hand as you walk into a store is perfect. Even a quick squeeze of the shoulder in a crowded room let's them know you love them.

Something that doesn't work for those of you that have a love language of Physical Touch? Not being touched, or feeling like your partner is absent in that area of your life. And any form of abuse is wrong, but physical abuse would be unforgivable. Not to mention completely destructive anyway.

Feeling love through Physical Touch is important and something that as we grow in our relationships and marriages somehow takes a back burner. While Physical Touch may not be my love language I will say that even having my husband reach for my hand during a difficult moment in our life helps me feel comforted and loved. I draw strength on knowing he is there. And Physical Touch is a great way of showing that you are right there and you want them to know it!

If you haven't taken thetest to determine your love language, please do. I actually think it would have been fun to take while my husband and I were in our early stages of dating. It really would have the set the groundwork for what we "needed" from each other!