April 3, 2014
By: Jerry Miller

Words Of Affirmation

It has been a rough winter in our house this year. It seems we have gotten sick and gotten better, only to get sick again.

We have both spent a good chunk of our time being sick. Which means for me lots of reading, relaxing, and taking care of my sick little munchkin. We have had lots of cuddle time which means the chance for me to pick up my favorite books and get a nice refresher. In theFive Love Languagesto be exact.If you don't own a copy of the book or have never read it, I highly suggest it for any relationship! I know it has certainly helped me understand my farmer a little bit better!Words of Affirmation. That is the first love language I want to talk about. It just so happens to be my love language. Well, one of my love languages. I am actually tied with Quality Time.One thing I love about my husband is he loves to shower me in compliments, most of the time. Even if it's something I do on the farm without him asking me, or something around the house. I also love when he encourages me. When he tells me I am doing a great job while running the grain cart or that the paint in our basement looks nice (even when I don't think it does!).One thing that I take pretty rough is when someone I am close with lashes out or says something harsh out of anger or simply having a bad day. It really hurts me and it's sometimes hard for me to forgive right away.My hubby really caters to my love language. Even without knowing it sometimes. He never, and I do mean never, forgets a special occasion. And every special occasion he writes me a very special letter or card with sweet words just for me.Makes my heart melt every single time!Finding your significant other's love language can really help you both when it comes to finding just the right way to say "I love you".To find your love language go to their


I would love to hear what you think about the test!And I am looking forward to talking about the other love languages in the next few weeks. Next up...Quality Time.