June 2, 2014
By: Jerry Miller

Acts Of Service

In case you missed the other posts about The Five Languages make sure you check each one out and make sure you take some time to see what your

love language

is too!

Words Of Affirmation

Physical Touch

Receiving Gifts

Quality Time

I sometimes wonder if every Farmer’s love language is Acts Of Service. When I am helping my husband fix a tractor, fence out a field, or even clean up a shed I feel like he is sometimes at his happiest. And I kind of wonder if my brother in laws are the same way…

Needless to say the guys on our farm love having their wives around to help. With anything. Is your farmer like that? Quality time is spent on Acts of Service?!

If you think your farmer’s love language is Acts Of Service the best way to his heart is for you to show up to the farm with your work clothes on and simply ask “What can I do?” or “Where can I help?" Helping them do their farm chores and working along side them is going to show more love than buying them a new shirt in town. I only use that example because sometimes I do come home with things from town for my husband and he just doesn’t get as excited as I would like him to. But, after our daughter is down for her nap and I show up outside with my work clothes on ready to help him with whatever he is doing he gets pretty excited!

If your farmer’s love language is Acts Of Service you might hurt his feelings if you are willing to help out everywhere else and with everyone else and not with him or her on the farm.  I know when I spend a lot of time volunteering within the Ag industry or am gone at conferences or speaking engagements my husband gets a bit anxious for me to get home and come back to the farm.

Before our daughter came along I showed up in my work clothes a lot asking "What can I do?". Now those times have changed a bit. Those times don't happen nearly as much, and they rarely happen with me being alone. These days I get myself and our daughter dressed in our work clothes and show up and say "What can we do?". Even if it is something as simple as picking rock or helping him put a part on in the field I would say my farmer appreciates it.