June 14, 2014
By: Jerry Miller

Jeff & Donna

Jeff & DonnaFrom: TexasEngaged on: December 24th, 2013Dear FarmersOnly.com,We were swept off our feet from our first "FarmersOnly" conversation.  We both had joined about the same time.  I had several flirts, including Jeff. From the first conversation we knew this was meant to be. I was so giggly like a teenage girl.   We emailed back and forth, long conversations for hours during the evening and into the night for several weeks. I knew I loved this man before I had ever met him face to face. He was the perfect one for me. We had talked so long, got all the awkward talk out of the way. I knew everything about this man and he knew everything about me!


We had planned to meet at our county fair at one of the heifer shows.  He showed up every day for every show in hopes of finally meeting me.  I was gutless and stood him up. But he understood. (This was the man!)  I I finally got up the courage and met him at his house.  As I pulled up to his house, I was in my big red truck, I got out and opened the gate and then closed it. I knew he was watching me. I wasn't nervous (just a little). The cows were in the front yard and his horse was coming out of the garage. He was standing there grinning from ear to ear.  He opened my door like a good country gentleman. I too was grinning from ear to ear.  I knew then that this man had my heart without a doubt. He helped me out of my truck. We gave each other a good farmer's hug and just giggled like two young people (we are over 50)!

We talked for hours. Within the next couple of weeks we became inseparable. We would either feed animals at my house and then go to his house and feed and stay the night or feed his animals and go to my house to feed animals and spend the night.

Christmas Eve, my daughter, all of her close friends, and even our foreign exchange student from Germany came to our house to celebrate.  The tree was beautiful. The food was awesome. Everyone was enjoying every moment.   When was all gathered around the living room and Christmas tree. Jeff handed me the very first box from under the tree. Everyone stopped and watched me open the box. Jeff was grinning that same grin as when I first met him. Everyone watched me open the box.  It was an engagement ring. In front of all my family and friends he asked me to marry him.  Of course, I said yes!

First Dance

Jeff is such the country gentleman. Christmas morning we went to my 80 year old dad's house.  Jeff then asked, rather told my dad that he was going to marry me. I was beaming. Jeff is the man for me.

We are in the process of buying 15 acres and building "our" house.  We want to get married on our new place sometime in July or early August.  It is out in the country with lots of trees.  We knew this was our place the first time we unlocked the gate and saw the horses, trees, and the feel in our hearts. Just like we knew from the very first conversation on FarmersOnly.  When we met, we quit looking on FarmersOnly because there was no need to look any further.  We had found each other and it is awesome!