July 25, 2014
By: Jerry Miller

Grow FarmersOnly.com Contest

Yes you read that right! FarmersOnly.com is giving away $2,500 cash along with various other prizes in our new'Grow FarmersOnly'contest!How does it work?Who can enter?What does it all mean?Alright, alright, hold your horses, and calm down. We are glad you asked! Here's how:

So we already know ya'll can grow things in the ground. Help grow the FarmersOnly community! What does that mean for you? Well, how about more hens in the hen house and more bulls in the pasture? Sounds pretty good, right? That's not all, we are also giving you a chance to win $2,500 cash by simply spreading the word to your buddies around the bonfire, your girlfriends at the lake, your family, facebook--anyone you can think of who is single and tired of hittin' the hay alone!

No Gimmicks. No cost to you. It’s free to participate!

Enter by clicking the link 'Grow FO Contest' on the left hand side of your FarmersOnly.com home page to get your personal, shareable link.

By clicking the link you will be taken to a page where you can read all about the contest details and the cool prizes that you could win. Extra points given to 'Grow FO' written in your corn field.

What are you waitin' for, the cows to come home? Get to earning your points!

July 25th 2014-August  31st 2014