December 2, 2014
By: Jerry Miller

Paul & Katherine

Paul & KatherineFrom: North Dakota &Winnipeg, MBMarried on: October 11th, 2014Dear,

Once upon a time, in the land of Landmark there lived a girl (Katherine) who's dream was to become a wife and mother.

As the years passed it was harder & harder to think those dreams would come true. Shortly after turning 30 in May of 2013 she went to visit her good friend Jeana. Wanting to have some girly time, they headed off  to get there nails done and do a bit of shopping. After painting the town red, they headed off to the family farm where they found Jeana's 2 lil boys and 3 nephews having fun. Jeana, knowingKatherinewanted to see the farm loaded up the 5 lil boys on the Gator and started cruising around the property. Driving down the dirt road (not knowing that only a few miles down the road was Paul) with the boys giggles & the wind in our hair, we realized that this was really the life. Our hearts were happy & content. There in that happy moment,Katherinetold Jeana that she wanted to post an ad as a mail order bride in a Farmers Magazine. We had a good laugh, and than Jeana proceeded to inform her

As soon asKatherinegot back to the house, she logged on to FO. With the assistants of Jeana's 5yr old son, started looking thru profiles. Months later still searching and waiting she came across a profile that she had seen many times before, but had yet to actually view the whole profile. Feeling silly she clicked on that profile. PWB1976 (Paul) was waiting for his dream lady.Katherineenjoyed reading his profile, had a few good laughs and thoughts. After reading clicked out of his profile and hoped against hope that he would write her, as it was her rule that the man needed to make the first move.

Just a few hours later she received an email, He had written her!! With a flutter in her belly she logged on to see what he said. He called her aPrettyLady! With excitement she wrote him back, not knowing what the future was going to hold.

Emailing each other daily they started getting to know each other. Both learning that they had had miracles in there lives they wanted to share there stories with each other.Katherinehad yet to share her's when Paul asked if he could phone her instead of chatting online. Being extremely tired & a lil sick (ok, a lil nervous too) she asked to wait till the weekend. Saturday came along, he phoned her, and they talked for hours, enjoying each other's company. Not even realizing a timeline & getting along so well they soon agreed to meet each other. Paul started working on getting his passport asKatherinemade plans to visit once again her friend Jeana, with the anticipation of meeting Paul. Minutes after arriving at Jeana's, Paul came to whiskKatherineaway, taking her to his home where she met some of his family. In between meeting & getting to know his family he pulls out his biker ring to show her. Looking at thatKatherinedoesn't know his sneaky intentions of him pulling out the engagement ring he has had for the past 12 years. Looking up she see's him pulling this ring out of his pocket, screeching she tells him to put it away!! With a silly grin he doesn't listen and reaches for her hand. Giggling she plays hard to get and says he has to catch her hand. Enjoying this he quickly accomplishes the task of capturing her hand and placing a gorgeous antique ring on her finger. Fitting just right they hug, whispering in her ear, he ask's her if she would like to become Mrs. Pwoobedy (Pauls nickname given to him by his Nephew).

Distracting him, she doesn't give him a pat answer. Spending more time together she continues to fall in love. Monday, hours before leaving, she asks him to ask her again. Asking her 4 times, 4 different ways, she answers him 4 times, YES!

October 11, 2014 we were married!!