December 17, 2014
By: Jerry Miller

Rod & Melanie

Rod & MelanieFrom: MissouriMarried on: June 7th, 2014Dear,I was just the girl next door. So I tried several of the online dating sites without any success of finding that one True Love. Rod was just a quiet shy guy who decided to try

due to living in a rural area with not any prospects of a soul mate. But our story is really a Christmas miracle.One day my mom told me that she saw a commercial for

and she thought I should give it a try. She said, "When you were little you always said you wanted to be a farmer's wife." So a few days later I decided to create a profile. There were a couple of profiles that interested me so I got a short membership to communicate with them. But on December 12, 2014 I got a message saying I have a message on

from a guy I hadn't communicated with. I was surprised because I thought my subscription had expired. But I opened the message and responded giving my email address if he wished to talk more he could email me because I would soon not have a subscription.

On the other side Rod had received a message I don't remember sending him. Never opening it he

deleted it. The next time he checked his messages there it was again and he deleted it. So a third time finding the message he decided he really should reply. How does a deleted message keep returning to your messages? He paid for a month subscription and sent me a message. All the while I was stressing out because I was in the middle of finals in nursing school. This was not the time to meet someone. But it was our Christmas miracle. No way possible we should have met but God had a plan in all of this.

I thought to myself it's okay if he's just another friend. We talked for a month back and forth through emails because we both were to shy to talk on the phone. Finally the weather was nice enough for us to meet in January. So we met in Salem and had our first date at Pizza Hut then we set on Walmart parking lot people watching. A thing my grandfather always loved to do. We both were so quiet and nervous I wasn't sure what would happen next.

We spent two weeks apart due to weather and after that we went to see each other every weekend because we couldn't stand not seeing each other at least once a week. Rod was the first guy I ever brought home. We knew each other was that one true love of a lifetime. It took me a little longer to get there because I was afraid of getting hurt. But love conquers all fears.

On June 7, 2014 we were married. We live very happily on our cattle farm in southern Missouri. We love our life and our life has been full of blessings. This year we are spending our first holidays together in our home making memories and traditions of our own.