July 16, 2016
By: Jerry Miller

On March 7th 2008 I started dating the man of my dreams. Fast forward 8 years, we are happily married!

A friend and I went to the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville a couple weeks before my husband and I met. There was a booth there called FarmersOnly.com passing out brochures with a free 3 day trial code on them. She laughed and told me I should try it. I hesitated but picked up a brochure any way. We came home from the show and I couldn't decide whether or not to try this online dating thing. About 2 weeks later I bit the bullet and set up a profile.That first night I met a guy from Iowa and started chatting with him. He seemed great but just too far away! This KY girl needed someone in Wildcat country! Lol I found a guy from a town about an hour from where I live and sent him a flirty message. He replied and we started chatting about truck pulls and farming. He seemed perfect!I wanted to keep my options open so I searched for more guys in my area. It was my third and final night of the trial when I ran across a profile of a guy from the same town as the guy I had messaged two nights before. I was taken in by his piercing blue eyes and sent him a message with my phone number since I was on my last night of the trial. Almost instantly he messaged me back and asked for permission to call me. I was so excited! He told me he would call me when he got back from work that week as his job kept him away from home for weeks at a time. I was skeptical and thought he was just being nice and u would never hear from him. Well, to my surprise about 4 days later the phone rang! It was him.That first conversation lasted about 4 hours! After a week of phone conversations lasting over two or three hours every single time, we decided to meet in person. I was working in an electronics store almost exactly between our two towns we lived in and decided he could meet me there. I was scared so a public place seemed perfect. He agreed that was best and made the 30 minute drive a couple of nights later. I remember looking out the window and seeing a red flat bed Dodge pull in to the parking lot and started getting sick. It was him!! Lol I was scared to look at him as he walked in the store so I turned my back! He said my name and I turned around and literally got the love at first sight feeling! We talked until the store closed and my boss locked us in the store! I felt so safe with him and invited him to my house that very night! I was living with my dad and told him my family was all at home and he didn't have to come if he was uncomfortable. He told me he was fine and followed me home where he met my dad, stepmom and two sisters!What kind of man would meet the family before the first official date?! We left my house and drove to a nearby park for some privacy and talked all night long. We each liked what was being said and decided to get together again in a couple of nights. After a week or so of meeting up and talking to one another, we decided to make it official. On March 7th 2008 I started dating the man of my dreams. Fast forward 8 years, we are happily married and living in the house I grew up in. He still has those piercing blue eyes and I still love him as much as I did when we first said those words to each other!Ashley F. - Mount Sterling, KY