December 27, 2016
By: Jerry Miller

Jim and Elissa just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary, thanks to

Jim (Roanoke, Virginia) and Elissa (Sandyville, West Virginia) met on about three years ago. They celebrated their one year wedding anniversary on December 19th. We love their love story, and we talked to Elissa about it.

I lived in Sandyville, West Virginia and Jim lived in the Roanoke area of Virginia... about 4 hours apart. He messaged me - I had a 1/2 picture of my face and a small paragraph, and he had a small book written on his profile. There's a place called The Greenbrier about 1/2 way between us and after 6 weeks of chatting on the phone and texting, I was going to The Greenbrier with a friend and asked him to meet me for lunch. We met up and drove around looking at cattle, we both raised cattle, and had a great time. We would meet up about every other weekend in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

I owned a business in West Virginia, and he owned one in Roanoke, so we would work our schedules out to try and visit each other. Then things got more serious, and he asked me to come to Roanoke... 4 hours away from my house and business, to work for him. I hired my daughter to run my dress shop "Ranch Dressings" (I started it in a barn) and I temporarily relocated to Roanoke and started to work for him in the kitchen and bath business he owns calledRock Fab.

After about a year and a half of dating and me being displaced... he popped the question! I was at the nail salon getting a manicure, ironically, on a Tuesday night and he messaged me to go eat Mexican food at our favorite place, called El Rodeo. He was acting all nicey nicey and I was like, what the heck is going on? He said "I ordered you a new fruity drink they have" and they brought out this big ol' pineapple out with a straw in it... I took a sip and nothing, I was just sucking air!? He popped the top off the pineapple and there was the most amazing ring I have ever laid eyes on!!!

That was in October of last year and we got married about 6 weeks later standing in his/our farmhouse in the living room with our kids and my best friend and our parents... then we went to The Greenbrier for our honeymoon! That's where we went for our anniversary too. We have opened a satellite store in White Sulphur, where we met, this town means a lot to us, we have a lot of fabulous memories here.

I guess I knew he was the one, or that I was the one for him, when we met up for a weekend and he relaxed and used his CPAP breathing machine in front of me. He has sleep apnea and has to wear that thing.

My favorite thing about Jim is that he is honest. I have a very hard time trusting and he has never lied to me or made me feel like I couldn't trust him. He's good to my heart. He's a traditional man and isn't a player. I have literally hit the total emotional jackpot when I found him!