December 20, 2016
By: Jerry Miller

Meet Jacob and Kali: She drove 8 hours to meet him!

Meet Jacob (from Spalding, Nebraska) and Kali (from Gillette, Wyoming) - they met on and are getting married on July 15, 2017! In addition to that news, they're expecting their first child in June, 2017!In Kali's words:Jacob and I met 2 weeks after I joined the site. I lived in Wyoming in a coal miner town with no one that I could see myself with. No farmers my age at 26. Jacob was 28 working on his family farm that has been in the family 4 generations. Coming from a small town of less then 500 he wasn't having much success either. After him messaging me a cheesy but very cute message I replied. After 2 weeks of talking, I took the chance and drove 8 hours to meet him. I spent the weekend on the farm with him, enjoying farm work together. I even met his parents the first weekend. After 8 months of traveling back and forth I made the move to Nebraska and couldn't be happier. We got engaged August 14, 2016. Our wedding is planned forJuly 15, 2017and we just found out we are expecting in June 2017, after I've been told for 10 years that I couldn't have kids. We have been super blessed and it's all because we took a chance on a website called FarmersOnly. I couldn't have found a better match and someone who truly makes me happy everyday. Truly blessed God has brought us to this world to meet each other.

What did you do on your first date?Our first date was on a tractor because he was in the middleof planting when I came to NE to meet him.  So we spent the day planting and doing chores. Then before the day was done his parents came home early from a trip and I was able to meet them and get the 100 questions about me (I think I passed).When did you know that he was the one?I knew he was the one when I came to NE for the 3rd or 4th time and spent time with him and his amazing family and I couldn't see myself anywhere but there. He is very family oriented and works with them on a daily basis and it's amazing how much of a team they are. Then after my family met his family it was a done deal. They get along great and I've never seen my dad so comfortable with anyone so quickly.What is your favorite thing about Jacob?My favorite thing about Jacob is his huge heart and passion. I've never felt so appreciated, loved, and cared for on a daily basis. He tells me how beautiful I am everyday. How much he loves me everyday, and how much I make him happy everyday.Congrats Kali and Jacob, from everyone at!