February 22, 2017
By: Jerry Miller

Meet Andrea and Joey, a love we could talk about for days...

Andrea and Joey live in Tucson, AZ. He lived inGilbert, AZ before moving in with Andrea shortly after they stared dating... which is not in Andrea's character and really shocked her family but they knew it had to be serious for her to want him to live with her and her boys.We could have talked with Andrea for days about how much her and Joey loved each other.My favorite thing about him is hard to pinpoint. He is my favorite, but his smile lights up a room and he always makes me laugh! He treats me like a princess but insists that I treat him better! He is kind, unconditionally loving, positive, a real man, and such a gentleman! Our love is perfect! He is every prayer and dream come true. Our six boys are blessed to have us as their parents and be exposed to what love and relationships should be.Our first date lasted four days. We talked a lot, as we'd done fine we first started. All day, either texting or on the phone. We also went to dinner the first night, I went to work with him on Monday, met one of his best friends and then he met my parents! It was a very eventful four days and we have been inseparable ever since.We talked on the phone for 2 weeks before we could meet. He was stuck in Monument, Colorado due to weather. Two days before we met in person he told me he was falling in love with me and I felt the same way. It was crazy to me how I could have all these feelings and not even touched him. I remember talking my mom and thinking, "how could I love someone I've never met." Well sparks flew when we did meet and it's been amazing ever since.