February 8, 2017
By: Jerry Miller

New Relationship? What to buy for Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air! If you’ve been using an online dating site like FarmersOnly and recently made a great, new connection, perhaps you may have just found “the one!”...maybe. The challenge? You’ve got to find something to give him/her for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re newly in a dating relationship, the dilemma you face on Valentine’s Day is a common one: Give too much, and you might throw up the wrong signal, sending them on a beeline for the door. Give too little, and you might send out a disappointing vibe.  You’re walking a tightrope over fresh manure! Right?

Here are some suggestions to help you make a great choice.

Suggestion #1: Show off your listening skills

You’ve been on a date or two, or more. What has your date told you that he/she really likes? What is important?  Is it a hobby, an interest in a book or movie series (Harry Potter, anyone?), a favorite food or purchase? A gift that’s perfect for any relationship is one that shows you’ve not only been listening, but also that you’re internalizing what you learn. For the Larry McMurty fan (the guy who wrote Lonesome Dove, you know him), for example, how about a special edition of “Streets of Laredo,” or even an autographed copy of one? For the cook or baker, we recommend a great cookbook with a personalized inscription that says, “I remember when you told me at dinner on our first date, how much you love fresh-baked bread. Check out page 122.  I hope you’ll share some with me. Happy Valentine’s 2017.” The person you are looking for is likely interested in something very unique. But you get the idea. Adapt our suggestions based on what you know.

Suggestion #2: Stay away from things that are too intimate

Lingerie, bed linens, sex toys - these are things that tend to send the wrong vibe early on in a meaningful relationship. There will be time for those things when you know each other better. If the relationship is new, save those things for the future. Find a gift that is fun to talk about with others, so you can share your great gift idea with your friends, and he/she can sing your praises, too.

Suggestion #3: Don’t be afraid to be resourceful, instead of lavish.

Here are some awesome Valentine’s Day gift hacks that will help you without breaking the bank:

If you’re short on ideas, check out his/her Facebook page and other social media.  Chances are, they’ve posted a hint or clue about things they like: a favorite sports team, a concert they’ve attended (a lot of great country artists are touring this summer, who is comin’ to your area?), or a wish or dream that they shared. Use those clues to generate a short list of gift ideas.

Create a homemade coupon book full of thoughtful experiences that are low cost. “A horseback ride to my favorite spot,” “I’ll make dinner for you,” or “A fishing trip and I’ll pack all the gear.”  Print them out on your computer.

Check out all these templates

to make it super easy.

Experiences are always more meaningful than gifts that fit in boxes, so think of things to do, instead of things to buy. Take a class together (cooking, line-dancing class, art, history, etc.). Make s’mores in a fire pit in the yard, like an impromptu camping trip. Or design your own tour around a fun neighborhood or town. Then turn your shared experiences into a tradition that you can relive for years to come.

Revisit your childhood. The oldies are always still goodies: The local zoo. The Science Museum. A a tour around your grandparent’s homestead.  Finish it off with hamburgers and ice cream, just like you did when you were a kid.

Board Games never fail for fun. Seriously. Buy an old favorite - Parchisi, Clue, Scrabble.  Purchase a classic version of the game and plan a night of fun competition with popcorn and cocktails.  Unsure about an old favorite?  Try


for one of the new bestsellers.

If you’ve thought through all these ideas and none of them feel like the right answer, you can always check out the FarmersOnly online store at store.farmersonly.com! :)