March 1, 2017
By: Jerry Miller

Meet Weldon and Leah | His country ways won her over

Weldon and Leah, from South Carolina, met on four years ago... they actually just celebrated that four year anniversary on February 9 this year!  They've also been married for more than two years.

Where are y'all from?I lived in Travelers Rest, South Carolina and he lived in Easley, South Carolina, about 25 miles apart. We now both live in Easley. I moved my donkey and everything else here.

What did you do on your first date?We went to IHOP, neither of us are fancy. We sat there for around three hours talking and then he took me back to my car where I met him at and said "will ya go out with me again?" I couldn't resist his country charm.

When did you know that he was the one?I knew on our first date. He sat across the table from me and his dad had died 13 months earlier and when he mentioned that, I saw a tear roll down his face. I knew he was a good man.

What is your favorite thing about him?His country ways. We are both simple people, happy with gardening, tending to animals, and just holding hands, checking out projects on the farm. But the song "you think my tractor's sexy" was written for him. I tell him he is sexy on his tractor. We are 55 and 50 years old and I'm so glad to be married to my best friend and I can't thank Farmers Only enough.

One more thing, March 2015, my mom passed away. She was so special to me. We had no warning, she was just gone. The day of her funeral, I sat on the the edge of our bed and said to Weldon "I don't know where I'm supposed to be, at what time." He said, "baby, hold my hand and I will take you." So my most favorite thing about my husband is his heart. Thank you Farmers Only.

Congratulations on your love Weldon and Leah! We wish you all the best in the future!