April 13, 2017
By: Jerry Miller

He risked it and brought 12 long neck Coors Lite bottles, instead of a dozen roses...

Here at FarmersOnly.com, we love hearing your Success Stories. Heather sent us the sweetest "long neck bottles instead of roses" love story... and these two just got engaged this past November!

It's a North meets South love story! I met Jason on FarmersOnly in 2015. I liked his picture first, but he took the first step and sent the first message. It didn't take long for Jason and I to be ready to meet for the first time. My momma always told me that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so of course I invited him down for dinner. He lived in New Jersey and I lived in Maryland. Everyone always said "when you know, you'll know..." and I just knew with Jason. He makes me a better person and at the same time, I know it's okay to just be myself with him. He completely surprised me in November by asking me to marry him!! We are so happy to plan our Tennessee wedding (in Jonesborough, since that's close to halfway between our families. Well, I'm excited and happy to plan it, and Jason... well, he just wants me to be happy, so he's going along with everything I ask! Thank you FarmersOnly. You brought me hope and love and you brought me my Jason. I can't ever tell you how much I appreciate the help in finding my heart.

What towns are y'all from in Maryland and New Jersey?

Jason was from New Egypt, NJ and I am from Galena, MD, which is where we both live now, along with Jason's three labs.

What did you do on your first date?

On our first date, I had Jason come down to my house and I cooked support for him! I was a little nervous and I just kept cooking more and more food. When he got to the house he walked in with a dozen Coors Lite (instead of a dozen roses), walked up and gave me a quick kiss, and stole my heart right then and there. It still makes me laugh to tell the story.

When did you know that he was the one?

Our first Christmas together. I was visiting Jason in New Jersey and, as always, I was cold and asked him to build me a fire. He was so eager to please me that he built the hottest and biggest fire ever! It was so hot in the house that we opened all the windows and turned the fans on. And Jason, who stays warm all the time, is sitting there sweating and just melting. And it was right then that I knew he was the one for me. My heart melted... as he was melting!

What is your favorite thing about him?

My favorite thing about Jason is that he can make me laugh. He tries so hard to make me happy and keep me smiling every day. We can laugh together and support each other and he really is the love I've waited my whole life for.