April 21, 2017
By: Jerry Miller

Meet Sydney and Nathan

Sydney and Nathan got engaged in November, 2016 and are planning for their 2018 wedding.

In September, 2015, Sydney saw Nathan's profile, liked his profile and sent him a message. A few days later, Nathan liked Sydney's profile and messaged her back. They messaged each other everyday for over a month. In October, they finally met face to face for the first date. We got the chance to catch up with Sydney and learn more about them.

What did you guys do on your first date? I was home on fall break, and we decided to finally meet and have our first date. We met at Texas Roadhouse, talked for hours, then headed to a bowling alley for a little competition. I won fair and square but Nathan would said he let me win. The whole time I wanted Nathan to kiss me goodnight. I settled for him asking me on a second date.

The second date, I drove to Rankin, Illinois to meet Nathan at work. At the time he was working for a farmer. I climbed up in the tractor and sat with Nathan as he worked. I had a chance to learn to drive the tractor! The second date did end with a kiss.

When did y'all move in together? Nathan was living in Illinois with his lease on his apartment ending before the New Year. He decided to move closer to me. He packed up his belongings, rented an apartment in Wisconsin and was ten minutes away from my school apartment. I found myself living at Nathan's apartment instead of mine. In May of 2016, we finally moved in together.

How did Nathan propose? A few weeks before our 1 year anniversary, I asked Nathan what he wanted to do for the anniversary, his response is "I am busy, I am meeting your parents for lunch, you are not allowed to come with." I knew that something was up when he told me I couldn't have lunch with my parents. A week later Nathan asked me what I was doing over the next weekend. I didn't have any plans, so he told me he wanted to go to Illinois for the weekend.We drove to Illinois and stayed at my parent's house. The morning of our engagement, I was determined to go get a new phone. I was at Best Buy when they opened and got myself a new phone. When I got back home, Nathan was dressed in a blue button down dress shirt and told me to get in the truck, because we had places to go. Nathan drove me to Perry Farm, where we met up with Dawn and Craig (Nathan's parents) who were in town from Texas. We all start walking down the trail. I noticed Nathan was walking behind me instead of next to me like he always does. I always walk fast, so I was five feet in front of him. I heard Nathan call my name, and I turned around and he is down on one knee. He asked me to be his wife, and of course I said YES.

What's next? Our wedding is planned for June 9, 2018!