June 14, 2017
By: Jerry Miller

Her smile stopped him dead in his tracks

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaaHZ2_Zdt4]Patrick: This is the story of how I met this beautiful lady, here. I’m a Senior Project Manager in heavy civil construction. One evening, I was sitting around with nothing better to do than to surf the internet and watch TV. And I saw an ad for FarmersOnly. And I thought, “Well, what the hell?” So, I opened up an account and set up a profile. I just wanted somebody down to earth. Somebody I could talk to. Somebody I could share…share the lifestyle that I enjoy with.

Lori: And meanwhile, up in Pennsylvania, being a single mom of a teenager was very difficult in its own. And I was looking for someone that wanted to enjoy the country life, that loved horses. That had a farm. Just enjoyed being down home. And a FarmersOnly commercial came on. And my daughter says, “Ma, you ought to make an account.” So, she helped me make a profile. And I got on FarmersOnly. And I was looking around and came across this appaloosa. This appaloosa was absolutely gorgeous. So then I looked, and I was like, “Oh wow. There is a guy standing there.” And that’s when I seen Patrick’s profile.

Patrick: So, I got a notification. You know, many of the people that were visiting my page. But, I saw this picture of this gorgeous woman. Her smile just stopped me dead in my tracks.

Lori: So, we started emailing at first. And then I gave him a call and I said, “Patrick, I would like to come down to meet you face to face.”

Patrick: We went on a first date. Took her to the Air and Space Museum. We went and showed her lots of airplanes and got her into a flight simulator. Flipper her upside down and turned her around and we had a good time. Went out to dinner and then just went back to the hotel. They have a patio outside and we sat there under the stars and listened to music and talked for hours and it a great night. After that, we just knew we hit it off. We started, obviously, seeing each other regularly. In June last year, we moved here. Lori moved in. And in November, we were married. Got it in Southern Virginia. In a barn, of course. A very nice barn. But it was a barn.

Lori: I love shooting. I love hunting, fishing, pretty much anything outdoors.Patrick: Yeah. We do hunt together. I think we both missed out on a lot in our life and that we’re making up for every minute. So, if we’re not working, you’ll find us together. Whether it’s cooking in the kitchen or…we do all the work together out here. We clean. We plant. We garden. Tend to the horses.

Lori: We have about a little over an hour commute. We usually talk the whole way till work.

Patrick: Yep. And then we just…we can’t get enough of each other. She is a extremely beautiful woman. She’s got a strong heart. She’s very loyal, very hard working. She’s kind. She’s strong. I’ve never had somebody who filled every need in me the way she does.

Lori: He’s my best friend. My companion. He’s everything to me. Definitely very intelligent. Very loving. Very devoted. Very caring. You also have a very big heart.

Patrick: We love telling our story of how we met. It’s a great story, we think. And when you tell people, you get mixed reactions. You know?

Lori: And after hearing our story, I’ve actually had quite a few friends actually join FarmersOnly. But, the first reaction was, “Oh my gosh.” It’s a surprise factor to a lot of people. And thanks to FarmersOnly, I found the love of my lifetime.

Patrick: Indeed. Could not be happier.

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