August 20, 2017
By: Jerry Miller

They found love in Oklahoma

"Chad and I met onFarmer's OnlySummer of 2016. We had our first meeting/date on Aug 6, 2016. We've been inseparable since. I am so thankful for such a kind, generous, loving man in my life. Thank you so much,Farmers Only!" - Kelda

What towns/states are y'all from?He's from Frederick, Oklahoma. I'm from Cache, Oklahoma.

What did you do on your first date?Dinner at Texas Roadhouse in Lawton, Oklahoma. Then to Wichita Mountains Wildlife to Quanah Parker Lake to watch the Sunset. Then he took me home. I was locked out and had to wait on my teenage son to get back from movies. We sat outside and talked for a few hours. He was a perfect gentleman.

When did you know that he was the one?I met his family a few weeks after our first date. I saw his work ethic and family values. I knew I wanted this man to lead my family.

What is your favorite thing about them?His kind, gentle nature.

Congratulations on your relationship Chad and Kelda!We wish you love and happiness!