October 28, 2017
By: Jerry Miller

They knew it was special the first time they met

I was onFarmersOnlyfor 2 years. In that time I went in some fun dates, met a few friends, AND met my husband! I met him a year ago, and the phone conversations were amazing! When we met in person, I knew that my life was going to change in a big way. I got scared. And I ran!! But he kept calling and texting me, and I went to visit him a few more times, and things just clicked. On September 18, 2016 he asked me to marry him!! His first, my second. We just had our wedding on June 24, 2017. It was the most magical day we've ever had! We're so happy we found each other! Also, I told one of my friends about Farmer's Only and he laughed at me!! Hysterically!! The next night he signed up on the site, andtwo days laterhe met his now girlfriend! They have recently moved in together! They also attended our wedding a couple weeks ago, and had a great time celebrating what Farmer's helped bring together!! We started singing the jingle at the end of our table, and people were staring at us, but we just giggled and carried on! Thank youFarmersOnlyfor making two couples very happy!! Hey, shouldn't we get t-shirts or something to advertise!?!?!? :-) I will always recommend Farmer's to my single and searching friends! - Terri

What towns/states are y'all from?I am from Superior, Wisconsin and he is from Bigfork, Minnesota.

What did you do on your first date?I drove to Bigfork, and we met at his family's restaurant for lunch. After that we went to his house and talked for hours....then I ran away!

When did you know that he was the one?I knew we had something special the first time we met in person. But I got scared, and ran away for about 2 weeks, (which he LOVES to  remind me of....lol.) Yet he respectfully gave me my space, and that's when I realized that I missed his voice, and our long talks. So when he called me out of the blue one day, I just laid all my cards out on the table telling him how I felt, and he felt the same way too.

What is your favorite thing about him?There are many qualities that I love about him. But the one thing I adore is his generosity. He is the most kind and loving person I've ever met.