November 5, 2017
By: Jerry Miller

Love in south Texas

I joinedfarmersonly.comafter I got a divorce with my first husband in April 2015. My mother suggested I try the site so I could find someone I had more in common with than my first marriage. I grew up in rural Idaho hunting and fishing my entire life and had just moved to Texas in November 2014 to help my parents. I didnt know alot of people in my new state and figured it was worth a try. I connected with Jeff on May 3rd 2015 and we instantly hit it off from the first time we went on a date. Our wedding is next year onNovember 2nd 2018. We delayed it because we got pregnant during our engagement. Our baby girl is 9 months old now. - Brittany

Where are y'all from?Jeffrey is from Pearsall, TX and I am from Orofino Idaho but was living in Blanco, TX when we met - living about 85 miles apart.

What did you do one your first date?Our first date actually lasted about 12 hours, we just couldn't get enough of each other! We started with a lunch date at a small restaurant then we went to the San Antonio Zoo for a few hours then we saw a movie together and once the movie was over we sat in his truck and talked and watch funny videos on our phones. At the end of the night, we were way past due to be home and our families were worried about us, he leaned over and asked "is this the part where i get to give the pretty girl a kiss goodnight?" And i gave him a peck on the lips cause what girl wouldnt melt when a handsome man says that to you after a wonderful date?

When did you know that they were the one?I think I realized he was the one very shortly after we started dating. He worked as a heavy equipment operator for a major highway construction company. He would have to travel from location to location across Texas. After about 3 months of us dating he was dispatched to WAY south Texas and we had a choice of 1) stop dating because the distance would be to far and we would never be able to see each other or 2) move in with him and wing it. Well i knew that losing him wasnt an option so we moved in with each other and we couldnt have been happier.

How did he ask you to marry him?He asked me to marry him exactly 1 year of us dating. On May 3rd, 2016 we were on a carnival cruise to the western carribean celebrating our anniversary. He set up a dinner reservation at the fanciest restaurant on board and proposed to me after dinner. All the staff came out and took pictures and video and gave us champagne. The rest of the cruise was ro celebrate our engagement.

What is your favorite thing about him?My favorite things about him - he is smart, handsome, caring, a little bit of a romantic, and a very genuine honest person. A lot of his best qualities are hard to come by nowadays in my opinion.