December 10, 2017
By: Jerry Miller

900 miles apart

I joinedFarmersOnlyabout 4 years ago. I met some really nice guys but one guy, Barry, seemed perfect....almost. Unfortunately he lives in Virginia and I live in Florida. Even though the connection was strong we decided not to pursue a relationship but focus on a friendship. We lost touch there for a little bit but recently found each other again. The connection between us is undeniable so we had to meet in person. I just got back from Virginia and that trip validated our feelings. We're going to have to do the long distance thing for a year or so but have every intention of spending the rest of our lives together. We will send y'all an invite. Thank you!

What towns/states are y'all from?Barry is from Linden, VA and I'm from Palm Bay, FL.

What did you do one your first date?Our first date was a week long. I flew up to his place for Thanksgiving. We cooked, laughed, went four wheeling, had drinks around the campfire, and just got to know each other. I met some of his family and he took me to Maryland to see an old friend of mine and they actually had mutual friends. Small world for sure. We ran errands and spent each day as if it was a normal day. It was amazing.

When did you know that he was the one?As funny as it sounds we were going to let the distance get in the way again and started to end things but in that moment we both knew we never wanted to say goodbye ever again.

How did he ask you to marry him?He hasn't officially popped the question but we have looked at rings and planned most of the details...except the date. He'll be down for New Years to meet my family. Fingers crossed it'll be official soon.

What is your favorite thing about him?The way he loves me...unconditionally.