January 21, 2018
By: Jerry Miller

Two Broken Legs Led to Love

In Summary: All thanks to two broken legs, three broken farmers, and your site - a new marriage.  Cheers to 2018!What towns/states are y'all from?Kate grew up in Lewis County NY, while Jason was in Jefferson. Kate left Lewis County in 1999 to go pursue her dreams of being a photographer. Jason stayed back to work on his parents farm for over 15 years in Jefferson County, NY. Kate now works as a top photographer for The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and Jason owns a landscaping Company near Sackets Harbors. Our families still own the farms in Lewis and Jefferson County.What did you do on your first date?Kate was a victim of Domestic Violence and swore she wouldn't date again - her ex ran over her with a car and she had a fractured fibula. Her father was injured on the farm in Lewis County by a fresh heifer and also had a fracture. They began talking more often because her father had time, he was stuck inside. Kate's father, Glenn, is not used to being inside, so he would spend many afternoons talking to Kate who was also injured. Kate's father Glenn joked that he was going to find a new wife on


. We laughed, and laughed, as a joke, Kate looked at the website.

Jason and Kate's first date was at The Met where she works as a photographer. They met there and then Kate took him to Rockefeller, typical touristy sites. She was so tired but did it anyway cause he was pretty cute... never thinking it would go so far. After showing him some sites, she dropped him back at his hotel for the night. The next morning they met for brunch and the story proceeds....

When did you know that he was the one?After meeting on Farmers Only, Jason came to NYC where Kate is based. She didn't give much mind to it as she has frequent guests from out of town. Kate knew he was the one when he looked back at her while crossing 9th Ave in the intersection of the Lincoln Tunnel when he was about to be run over and yelled "I Love You". This was the first weekend they met and she thought he was crazy.

How did he propose?He held the ring for a month. We travelled together so I saw it, we even went to my professors home in Western Mass. Jason was so scared to propose. He finally did it at my favorite restaurant down the road from my condo, which is also where we had our 'party of 7' wedding reception. Waterside in North Bergen, NJ.

What is your favorite thing about each other?Kate: My favorite things about Jason are his work ethic similar to my dad on the farm, his quirky sense of humor (like really quirky, I don't know where he comes up with the simplest things that just make me giggle and smile), his ability to laugh and cry beside me, his openness, his love to try new things, his gentleness and kindness to the entire world. His undying love for me. His genuine spirit.  And his ears, I love his ears.

Jason: My favorite things about Kate is also her work ethic...She is at her best at work.  That drive to never give up..  The way she melts my heart with her effervescent smile.....  I like that she pushes me to new limits....We balance each other out....  She is the best thing that has ever happened to me...