March 19, 2018
By: Jerry Miller

Tennessee + Missouri = Love.

I met my husband 5 years ago on FarmersOnly and it's been absolutely amazing! I lived in East Tennessee on my family's farm and John lived in Southern Missouri with his own cow/calf pair operation. We were several (hundred) miles apart, but decided that our connection was strong enough to give it a shot! - Elise

What towns/states are y'all from?

I (Elise) am from Maryville, Tennessee and John is from St Louis, Missouri, but he left the city as soon as he could and he never went back!  After college he landed in West Plains, Missouri and that's where we are today!

What did you do on your first date?

We drove to Dickson,  Tennessee to meet and ate at a little Mexican restaurant and talked for hours!

When did you know that he was the one?

I remember thinking "well,  crap!" as soon as I saw him in person because he was even more handsome than his pictures!  The second I saw him I knew I would be moving to Missouri!

What is your favorite thing about each other?

John is the hardest worker I have ever known and he's very intelligent, but my favorite thing today is what an awesome father he is to our little boy!  He says his favorite thing is my smile (...and then asked me why I wanted to know that at 6:30am on a Monday morning!)