April 15, 2018
By: Jerry Miller

First date? Ghost tour.

I had been on many dating sites but I couldn’t find my “country boy”. So my coworker convinced me to try FarmersOnly. I met Michael through FarmersOnly 1 month into my subscription. My first correspondence through the site to Michael was “you’re cute” he responded back with “you’re cute too,” we texted back and forth for about 6 weeks until we finally met in Nashville for a ghost tour on October 29th, 2016. He was from Huntsville, Alabama and drove over 2 hours to meet me. I knew the minute I met him, he was the one for me and we were going to get married. And on Christmas Day 2017, he popped the question and I said yes! We are getting married this year! Michael was the only man I met in person from Farmers Only, but I can tell you it only takes one to meet the man of your dreams and my true to life country boy. - Amy

What towns/states are y'all from?I'm from Franklin, Tennessee, and he's from Huntsville, Alabama.

What did you do on your first date?He decided to make the two hour trek up to Nashville to meet me after we had met and chatted on Farmersonly.com for about six weeks. Our first face to face date was on October 29th 2016 at the Opry Mills Mall in the food court right outside the sushi restaurant. Through our texting we had discovered that we both enjoyed sushi, so we had planned to meet at the sushi restaurant and have dinner, but all did not go as planned. I think we were both a bit nervous, so we decided to postpone dinner and just go out on the town for a little while. He had a surprise waiting for me; he had bought tickets to a ghost tour in downtown Nashville, so we decided to make our way to lower Broadway to enjoy the honky tonks before our tour. He took me to one of his favorite places, the Wildhorse salon, where we sat at the bar and had a few drinks and shared the pimento cheese dip with these huge crackers.

We left a short while later to go attend our tour but it wasn't quite time yet so while walking through downtown we found a small Japanese restaurant. We both were not hungry yet so we just drank some sake. Finally the ghost tour was about to start. When we arrived for the ghost tour, the host began to call out the names of the people who had purchased tickets. She called out everyone's name except for ours but called out one additional name; Daniel. After a few seconds, he said, "oh, that's me" I thought it was funny that he seemed to have forgotten his name or something because at the time I only knew him as his middle name, Michael, but Daniel is in fact his first name. Anyways, as we are walking around the city on our ghost tour we start to get closer and closer.

By the third stop at the Capital Building, I don't think we could have lasted any longer and we had our first kiss. After that we pretty much made out all over Nashville while we walked on our ghost tour. I am sure we had to be very annoying to the others patrons on the tour. Almost to the end of the tour, we went through Painter's Alley and decided to abandon the tour and stopped in another bar to listen to the live music that they were playing. After a drink or two, we decided on one more bar stop. This one was Tootsies. We took a petty cab from Painter's Alley to Tootsies but did not have enough cash to pay, so Michael went into Tootsies to get some cash while I waited with the petty cab driver for him to come back. I remember telling the driver that I was sorry that we did not have any cash as we had just given all of our cash to our fifteen year old son to go to the mall. This in fact was true, as Michael brought his son with him to Nashville and had in fact gave him all his cash just prior to meeting me. I guess this is where I was already claiming Michael's son as my own.

We had just one more drink at Tootsies before I started to get really hungry, so we went to the Nashville cafe. By this time is was 3 o'clock in the morning and we decided we had better get back. So we got back to Opry Mills to pick up our cars, but we couldn't seem to leave each other just yet. We talked and giggled until 4:30 in the morning that night. It was the best first blind date I have ever had, and now we are getting married, so it will officially be my last blind date!

How did he propose?Michael proposed to me on Christmas day 2017. While I knew he had a ring for me because we picked it out together, I did not know when he was going to pop the question. I thought it might happened on Christmas day, but the whole day went by without a peep. It wasn't until late that evening when we were getting ready for bed that he sat down next to me and asked me if I would marry him, and of course I said yes! We set the wedding date for April 28, 2018, and are busy preparing for our lives together.

What do you tell people who are still waiting for "the one"?I am 38 and it took me a while but I tell my friends who are still dating that "It only takes one."