July 9, 2018
By: Jerry Miller

It was the last day of her subscription

Imagine my surprise when the last day of my subscription I see a member profile that intrigued me enough to send my number in a text. I simply said I think we have a lot in common, here is my number, call me after you read my profile if you think the same. Our first phone call was over five hours long. We set a time to meet and didn't even make it long enough for our first date. We met two days earlier than planned and we have been inseparable. We met in February, went on a cruise in May and got engaged. We are trying to plan a small event next year but as I look at my newly purchased wedding band I realize that without FarmersOnly I would have never found the next stage of my life in a man that I could not have built better myself. We both consider ourselves lucky and appreciate Farmers Only for the opportunity to find love again. - Yvette

What towns/states are y'all from?Rick is from Madison Heights, Virginia and I live in Roanoke, Virginia by way of Rochester New York. I have been in Virginia about 10 years

What did you do on your first date?On our first date we met in Hollins, Virginia at a place called Lew's, its a little pizza joint. We stayed until the place closed and I bought Rick a picture he admired of the Dr. Pepper Building in Roanoke. His first gift and he was so flattered.

When did you know that he was the one?That is a funny question. Our first phone conversation last almost 6 hours. We talked all night long, literally I knew he was the one after that phone call, and he would say the same thing.

How did he propose?We were on a cruise in the Bahama's and in the middle of the ocean on the beach he got down on one knee and pulled a ring his sister helped him pick out from his bathing suit. He asked and I immediately said yes. We met on February 21 and were engaged on May 10th.

What is your favorite thing about each other?He tells me it is my caring nature. I volunteer at the mission, involved in church and professionally I am a nurse so I am a caregiver. For me it is easy going attitude. He is so calm at all times. He is a cattle farmer and I believe his ability to deal with farming makes him appreciate life and he doesn't sweat the small stuff. I am truly blessed to have this man in my life.