August 19, 2018
By: Jerry Miller

Congrats to these newlyweds!

"I am writing to thank you! I met Don on FarmersOnly and we got married on July 29!! If it wasn't for FarmersOnly I never would have met the man my heart was looking for. He is perfect for me in every way. I can't thank FarmersOnly enough!" - Tanet

What did you do on your first date?Don and I on our first date met at Farm King in Macomb Illinois. Public place (safety first) where we knew we would have common interest. We walked around for a little while and talked. We then went to a Mexican restaurant and ate. We laughed so much! When we were done eating we drove around and found a dirt road over looking the small airport and talked for about 6 hours! When he brought me back to my car we talked some more. When we finally left the parking lot, I stopped to get a  drink at McDonalds and he got gas across the street. I drove over to the gas station and we talked for another 20 minutes.  We each had about a 2 hour drive home but neither of us cared about the time.

When did you know that Don was the one?I knew he was the one the very first day we met. We talked for hours! Not too many men will listen like he did!!

How did he propose?The proposal... we had finished up evening chores. We were talking out by the hog houses watching the fireflies. We were talking about our future together and decided since I have 2 teens, one still in HS we may have to wait to get married.  We came back to the house. I was in the bedroom picking up the room and he came in and proposed. Got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. A few weeks later we surprised everyone at church by getting married. We told the elders we weren't getting married for a while because of my kids. Then on July 29th the Pastor asked if anyone wanted to join the church. My daughter's, Don and myself came forward. The pastor asked what our intentions were, Don said for Tanet to join the church and for us to get married today. Gasps!

What is your favorite thing about each other?He is the best listener! I can tell him anything without fear of judgment.  He truly understands everyone makes mistakes and that we all make decisions that are sometimes made based on the now vs the future.

There was a day a few weeks later I was in Upper Michigan,  my dad was in ICU with an intubation kit right by his bed, he was being monitored very closely. The doctor was in and out of my dad's room every 15-20 minutes and the nurses were in there almost all day. I then received a phone call that the company I was working for lost the contract and our jobs were not secure. I called up Don crying. He was so calm and listened to me sob in fear of my future and my dad's life.  He's perfect for me.