January 19, 2019
By: Jerry Miller

He was bailing hay and was a little late to their first date

Our love story made the Kansas City Star. We only met 4 months ago and just got married. She is the love of my life and truly my best friend. Thanks to your website. - Jeff.

What is your wife’s name?Amy.

What did you do on your first date?First off, I had to call her and tell her I was going to be late because I had to finish bailing alfalfa hay. Luckily she understood, coming from a farming background. We met at a Mexican restaurant. We talked about how we always order the same food every time so I ordered what she always orders and she ordered what I always order. Her mom called while we were eating and I got a chance to talk to her. We had a good chat and I found out some interesting things about Amy. She was pretty embarrassed after I talked with her mom. After dinner we drove around and looked at camping sites we both used to camp at and they ended up being in the same campground on Truman lake. We drove for hours around Truman lake area and we stopped for ice cream. We found a spot near the water and talked until 3:00 in the morning. There was a smell of rotten fish but we really didn’t care as we were having good conversation and it was a beautiful night. We ended the night agreeing to a second date. I got stopped by the sherif for speeding on my way home. He asked me where I was going at 4:00 in the morning. I said I’m on my way home from my first date in 20 years. He said it must have went well and let me off with a warning because he didn’t want to ruin my night.

When did you know that she was the one?I knew she was the one after our first date.

How did you propose?I proposed on 8/11/2018 after knowing her for 2 months and we got married on 10/6/2018. I first asked her 2 daughters for permission, then my own daughter and finally Amy’s dad. They was all excited and gave me their blessings. Amy’s birthday was coming up so I planned a get together at my creek with my family and her family. She knew I had invited her family but I surprised her by inviting her best friend. She knew something was up but she figured it was me surprising her by inviting her best friend. Little did she know I was planning on proposing so I got down on one knee and simply asked “will you marry me”?  She started giggling and crying and said “yes.”

What is your favorite thing about each other?”I love how caring and compassionate Amy is towards people.” - Jeff

”I love how Jeff is spontaneous and active. I also love how he unselfishly helps his neighbors out on their farms and does so with a caring attitude. We just moved into our new home and 15 acres that we bought December 14th and we love working together to get our house to be more like a home and this spring we will be planting alfalfa.” - Amy

“Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.”- Antoine de Saint-Exupery