February 3, 2019
By: Jerry Miller

They met during a solar eclipse - God doesn't align the sun and moon for just anyone

“I met Josh FarmersOnly on August 21, 2017. I remember that day well. It was my birthday and also the day of the solar eclipse. His first message to me was, "Hi. How are you doing today?" I said, "I'm great! It's my birthday today. God doesn't align the sun and moon for just anyone!" We went fishing for our first date a week later. It's been over a year now and we are looking forward to getting married! We just got back from a wedding in Colorado where that couple met on here and the man had told my man to just try the site. I sort of "accidentally" ended up on the site, and now here we are. We want a wedding out in the country. Our colors will be camo and purple. Our "unity" instead of lighting a candle will be shooting guns together!! How fun, huh?? Thanks for your time and thanks for helping me meet the absolute man of my dreams!” - Heather.

What did you do on your first date?On our first date, we went fishing.  We met at a bait shop and here I was getting in this huge pickup with this guy.  (I'm 5'3" and he's 6'3") I was only nervous because we were literally out in the boondocks with no cell phone service and only my best friend knew approximately where I was, but it's a lake...so ya know. lol  But we had been talking on the phone, etc, so I was pretty confident he was a cool guy!  Of course, we didn't catch a single thing, but we laughed a lot and the next weekend we went fishing again and it was on that date he told me I was going to "wreck his world"....and I did!  His whole family tells me what a different person he is since I've been around (over a year and three months now).  I tell them I don't know him any other way, but apparently it's been a big change for him and his demeanor and attitude towards life.

When did you know that he was the one?After he told me I was going to wreck his world, I can't say there was a particular moment I knew he was the one.  I just know the more we talked the more I was falling for him, too.  At the time, I was a night shift nurse and he was an over the road trucker going to and from Canada/Oklahoma so we completely understood unpredictable schedules and never being able to plan things in advance.  Now, I have a day shift job and he's a local trucker, so our schedules have managed to smooth out, and we enjoy getting to be together every night.  He and I make an amazing team: we love deeply, fight fairly (in the rare instances we have a disagreement), think each other hung the moon, and can't imagine our lives any other way but together!

How did he propose?We had already been out to dinner and I was sitting at the kitchen table looking at wedding cakes online.  I don't want a traditional cake, but I was hoping the search would lead me to other options as Josh and I had talked about other options.  My daughter was braiding my hair.  Josh had told her and my son he was going to propose and my daughter thought Josh would think she told me if he saw me looking at wedding cakes so she's trying to mouth to him that she swore she didn't tell me he was about to propose.  He came to the table and knelt down beside me and acted like he was looking at the cakes and said, "I like that one."  It was some horse trough looking thing with s'mores stuff in it. HAHA!!  I said, "That?!"  He goes, "Oh no, I don't like that, but do you like this?" And he pulled the ring box from behind his back and sat it in front of me and said a bunch of sweet stuff then asked me.  TOTAL surprise and unexpected by me.  It was so his style and it was absolutely perfect because my two kids were watching from behind me and I didn't know it.

What is your favorite thing about each other?My favorite thing about him is his protective, caring nature.  He is a Jack of all trades which is really hard to come by these days.  He can fix anything, build anything and he rebuilt by trust and hope that had been shattered by others.  There are no words to say how much I love him.  When I asked him what his favorite thing is about me he simply said, "Everything!"

Tell us more about your wedding!Our wedding date is this March Eureka Springs, Arkansas at the Eureka Springs Riverview Wedding Chapel!  I've dreamed of getting married in Eureka since I first went there as a little girl, and it's awesome that the dream is coming true!  We wanted an outdoor, country wedding, but we will do the outdoor thing with our huge reception in Oklahoma since only family will be attending the ceremony in Eureka and March weather is still unpredictable.