March 3, 2019
By: Jerry Miller

He was sent by an angel

“I met my now husband, Jim, on! A friend told me she was going to put me on this dating site and I told her I would go on for one month if she'd leave me alone! So I did and Jim and I talked for two weeks before we officially met for dinner. The strange thing is my best friend from elementary school always told me she was going to find me a good man and I would know that she sent him to me because he would have Angel Wings! Well after we had dinner and before we left the restaurant I received a phone call from my best friend's daughter that she had passed away. So I guess she did send me an angel. He proposed to me in front of my family and friends on Thanksgiving 2017 and we were married on the anniversary of our first date. He is definitely my soul mate and my forever.” - Kathy

What did you do on your first date?We met at a halfway point since he lived in St. Cloud and I lived in Ocala and had dinner at Outback in Clermont on June 16, 2017

When did you know that he was the one?When we went away together for the first time for the weekend to Daytona Beach. We enjoyed the sunrises along the beach and never disagreed on a thing!  He made every moment seem like I was the only woman on earth.

How did he propose?In front of all my family and his on Thanksgiving 2017 as each one of us said what we were thankful for - he went last and had the most amazing things to say and then went down on one knee! Were you surprised? Surprised doesn't really cover it!  Shocked is a better word.  And he had actually asked my mother's permission prior to Thanksgiving to get her blessing. :-)

What is your favorite thing about each other?That we both work hard and have the same goals!  We enjoy being with each other and vacationing!!  We are both family-orientated and enjoy doing things together.  Our calendar is always full!

Tell us more about your wedding!We got married on the anniversary of our first date - June 16, 2018.  It was a beautiful day and not a thing went wrong!  Everyone there was so happy for both of us and knew that we had each found our soulmate.