March 16, 2019
By: Jerry Miller

They Talked Online For a Year Before They Met In Person

“In 2014 my coworkers decided that I needed to start dating after being in a nine-year relationship. I came back to work and they had hacked into my email and starting account on FarmersOnly. I went to my supervisor immediately because I had a ton of messages from guys and told him that my email had been hacked and he just laughed at me. He explained in front of everyone that they had started dating profile for me. I finally met my now husband after talking to him online for a year. I never dreamed that I would meet him, I came up with every lie and scenario just so I didn’t have to. He messaged me in December and said he was coming to Dallas for a Dallas football game. I happened to be going because my mom had come in from Iowa and that was her Christmas present. Add up all of the hundreds of thousands of people I could’ve met that day, and I met him in Arlington, Texas at the AT&T Stadium. It was game over from that day because he won my heart. He grew up around rodeo and I was raised around cattle and showing livestock. We got engaged in November 2015, married in April of 2016 and had our first baby girl in October 2018. Little did I know that in 2015 I would have a full double mastectomy, the day after we got engaged. Could not ask for a better husband, he has been supportive with all of my 16 breast surgeries, my number one supporter, the best husband to me and father to our baby.” - Jodi

When did you know that he was the one?When he met my mom and saw the way he treated her

How did he propose? Were you surprised?We were taking family pictures and he arranged it with the photographer and had the ring in his boot/pant leg. Yes I was shocked.