November 24, 2019
By: Jerry Miller

"I Felt a Shift in My Existence"

Savannah was at a rodeo with her young daughter, and noticed she couldn’t take her eyes off of the cowboy riding on horseback through the arena, only to see him with his wife and small child afterward! She decided right then that she needed to find a man of her own, so she signed up for an account on before she even got home.

Much to Savannah’s delight, she found her man!

For their first date, Shane and Savannah met up for wings and beer with a group, but they felt such an instant attraction that they spent the rest of the evening around a warm fire, held captive by each other’s gaze.

Savannah says she knew instantly that Shane was “the one”.

“I felt a shift in my existence. Along with an automatic sense of comfort, his body language felt like home.”

Their favorite things about each other include their ability to laugh and have fun, collaboratively setting goals for the future, how seamlessly they were able to combine their lives, and how they fulfill each other’s needs.

Shane has stepped into the father role for Savannah’s daughter, and has completed the family unit she always yearned for. She encouraged him to move his insulation business to her town, and together they pursue success.

Soon their family will be official, as they are currently planning their spring wedding! Almost one year after Shane proposed, Savannah and her father will ride a swamp buggy to the ceremony, where he will walk her down the aisle. They plan to have decor featuring her South Florida swamp taxidermy and elements of Shane’s Southern Pennsylvania roots. After their nuptials they’ll celebrate by dancing the night away in a country chic wedding barn.

Savannah’s advice for anyone considering giving FarmersOnly a try?

“I would say go for it! Get yourself out there! FarmersOnly is a great platform [for] meeting singles and an outlet [for] finding those outdoorsmen who enjoy adventure and fresh air as much as us country girls do!”