November 17, 2019
By: Jerry Miller

They're Inseparable

Jim and Renee communicated exclusively through FarmersOnly and text for three months before finally meeting in person. Both nature-loving professionals living in Austin, they hit it off and genuinely enjoyed each other’s personalities.

Their first date was at a small cafe, where they enjoyed dinner, wine, and live music. They simply couldn’t get enough of each other! Their date ended up lasting about 6 hours. After leaving the cafe they found a picnic table near the city courthouse, where they sat and talked for hours. Even after talking all evening, Jim couldn’t resist the urge to call Renee on her way home, which led to them chatting until about 3:30 in the morning!

Soon after meeting, they started spending virtually all of their time together. Renee says she knew almost right away that Jim was “the one”, but was absolutely sure after a couple of months. They’re still inseparable today!

According to Renee, “[Jim is] the perfect complement to me. He’s a great communicator. He helps me live my life and pursue my dreams I may have given up on. We just love spending time together talking, laughing, and working through whatever life gives us.”

Jim says that Renee is “so sweet and down to earth. We both love simple things in life and nature, seeing a single flower growing through a rock, watching birds and deer, etc.”

Despite it taking Jim a while to adjust to Renee’s Wheaten Terrier, claiming that there was no way she would be allowed on the bed, it’s clear they’re now a true family. She always finds them cozied up together sleeping, and he loves it!