December 8, 2019
By: Jerry Miller

They Found Their Perfect Balance

Kelly and Greg were both drawn to FarmersOnly for the same reason: they were looking for someone honest and hardworking. They had both figured if you were a farmer or otherwise country, you knew the meaning of hard work and would be on the same page. Based on the ads they had seen, they thought FarmersOnly seemed like a great place to find a partner whose work ethic, morals, and beliefs would align with their own.

A few weeks into chatting on the phone, Kelly knew Greg was “the one.” They would talk late at night, because he respected that she needed to be a mom to her two kids first. Finding a man that respected both her and her kids was amazing to her!

For their first date Kelly offered to drive the four hours to Greg’s home to meet. She made a casserole and they watched a movie, after which they talked all night. She says, “It was wonderful and eye opening to find someone who aligned with everything I was looking for in a hardworking man!”

The first time her kids went with her to Pennsylvania to meet Greg, they hopped out of the car, walked up to the front door, and when Greg greeted them they trotted right past him and into the house “as if they owned the place.” The fact that they felt so instantly comfortable with him made Kelly’s heart melt!

Kelly and Greg tied the knot in the same Catholic church in which his parents got married. Unfortunately, her mother passed away a few months before the wedding, but Kelly was able to wear her mom’s veil as a beautiful and meaningful tribute.

They held their reception at the local Sportsman’s Club where they are members. Despite it being a rainy day, they had an absolute blast dancing the night away with their family and friends. According to Kelly, “everything was perfect!”

When asked what their favorite things are about each other, Kelly says, “I think it’s our differences. As silly as it sounds our differences keep each of us on our toes and brings liveliness to our family. We complement each other...and that makes us fit together perfectly. That comfort is what we love and what neither had found before. To enjoy differences instead of fearing them is key in a relationship. Not to mention the amount of things Greg has taught me since we’ve been together. He’s so patient with me and teaches me to love me. I try to help him enjoy life when there is [time] to spare. He’s a hard worker, but I’m showing him how to enjoy life before it slips away. A perfect balance for all of us.”

Since getting married, Greg and Kelly have expanded their family to include a new baby boy, Luke Paul.

Kelly’s advice for anyone considering signing up for FarmersOnly?

“If you are even thinking about it, know that it’s worth it. Even the other people that Greg and I met there were very polite and honest. Even if it doesn’t work out with someone you can have confidence that the people will be respectful and mature… although I have doubts that someone couldn’t find someone on FarmersOnly. If you are honest, hardworking, and fun, then this is the place to meet similar minded people!”