December 29, 2019
By: Jerry Miller

"We get each other!"

Eric and Lisa met on FarmersOnly in July of 2016. He thought maybe he’d get a little entertainment out of it, and she was just looking for someone to hang out with. They chatted for a few weeks before meeting in person, but once they were face-to-face they felt like they had known each other forever. They were even trying to think of times they possibly could have met before, because they were certain there was no way they hadn’t already known each other!

After a few short months, they both knew they were meant to be together.

Eric loves Lisa’s happy personality, and they both say one of the best things about each other is their sense of humor. “We get each other!”

She also says it’s been fun having Eric around her family. He is similar to her dad and brother, and it’s been a funny topic they’ve all enjoyed.

On October 5, 2019, they married each other in a small wedding surrounded by their close friends and family. As Lisa says, they are “so excited about forever!”