January 12, 2020
By: Jerry Miller

Check Yes or No

Helen and Jeremy joined FarmersOnly around the same time. She was living in Georgia, he in Texas, but they came across each other online and started to chat. Helen knew Jeremy was different from their first interactions.

Helen says, “He was inquisitive and asked purposeful questions with a genuine sense of interest in getting to know me. He was persistent without being invasive. I knew he was different when I asked him to take the ‘Five Love Languages’ test to learn more about him and he actually did it!”

Jeremy made it clear from the very beginning that he was willing to put in the effort to have meaningful interactions that could build into a relationship.

Before long they took their conversations from FarmersOnly to texting, and when they finally spoke on the phone the call lasted 8 full hours!

Being around the holidays, Helen happened to have a trip planned to Texas just a couple of weeks later to see her family. Of course, after a few weeks of phone calls and video chats, she had to find time to meet up with Jeremy.

He picked her up at the airport, and they immediately embraced and shared their first kiss at baggage claim. According to Helen, “We left the airport hand in hand like it was the most natural thing ever, like we had known each other for ages.”

After officially meeting at the airport, they went off to a nearby Taco Cabana for breakfast. When they walked in, the girl at the register noticed them smiling at each other and sharing a laugh. She told them, “I love y’all together. So cute!” and couldn’t believe they had only just met.

Later that same day, while grabbing a quick bite at Whataburger, a woman in the dining area stopped them and said, “It’s nice to see that true love still exists!”

After their initial meeting, they got a chance to truly see what was special about each other. Seeing Jeremy interact with her dogs as if they were his own was touching to Helen. She got to see how gentle, loving, kind, and compassionate he really is, and it won her over immediately. On the other hand, Jeremy got to experience the positivity and support Helen freely gives, and appreciates how she’s always there for him to offer encouragement and to build him up.

Now it’s been a little over a year since their first meeting, and three days after Christmas, on her 33rd birthday, Jeremy presented Helen with a card and a “Will you marry me?” note with a “check yes or no” option (they’re both George Strait fans and he pulled from one of their favorite songs). Helen said yes, and they are planning a small, intimate ceremony with close friends and family later this year.

If you’re hesitant to give FarmersOnly a try, Helen says to remember you don’t have to be a farmer to sign up. “When we tell them where we met, so many people say, ‘but neither of y’all is a farmer!’ A shared love of the outdoors and [wanting] a future with a small farm one day to grow old together was all it took to bring us both to the site!”